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RentYourself: Earn Money IOS

  • Client: Red Bridge

  • Date: Jun 15, 2017

  • Skills: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Don’t search how to get a job or be stressed out. Don’t work something you hate or don’t know. Instead, use RentYourself to sell your skills, or offer personal, home and business services near your location. The goal of RentYourself is to help you earn more money, get more work and customers! Simply sign up, showcase your skills and create services you are good at. Writing? Cooking? Design? Electrical Repair Services? Anything you know may bring you more money & clients, and RentYourself is the place to do it!

Download the app, create a great profile and offer of the work you would like to do, do not forget to add an attractive picture, share with your friends on social networks, and make money without limits. The more attractive picture, description, and price you publish, the better the results. The type of work and price for it is suggested only by yourself. Just add a job you want to make money with and Rent Yourself as a freelance worker!

As a service provider (freelance worker):
Are you good in some activity or do you enjoy a particular type of work? For example, do you like gardening? Don’t search for more “jobs near me”. Simply add to RentYourself app an offer of a Gardener job - photo of a beautiful garden with the heading "I'll take care of your garden", with an interesting description text and the competitive price, publish it and your offer will start showing itself to everyone in your surroundings.
If you want to increase the reach of your offer, you can share it with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. with one click. After you are ready to start chatting with potential clients and earn money. And the job search app is absolutely free.
As a service seeker:
RentYourself helps you to find not only a dream job for you but also an expert in your surroundings, a professional whose services you can also use without having to google it for ages. Simply select a category, choose a user whose offer you are interested in and start chatting. You can agree on an even better price than it says in his offer. In RentYourself, you can browse work offers around you and find a home helper or a specialist to help you solve the problem in your household. Get professional help from home service providers like yourself.

What kind of work can you find at RentYourself? The possibilities are unlimited and depend only on your fantasy. Whether you are a household helper, or you prefer gardening, care for children, or you are an expert in your field – home helper, a plumber, home service provider, handyman, electrician or laborer, present your skills and convince the world around you that you are a worth your price.

- create a profile
- Add an unlimited number of offers to your profile that will appear in the place where you are currently located
- share skills and do a job search
- browse, search, and filter other users' offers
- chat, share photos and location with other users,
- invite friends to create offers
- share your offers on social networks, email, or messenger applications,
- search and offer job opportunities,
- rate, report or block other users' offers,
- the app is localized into 15 language

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