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Palerqs corner bolanica

  • Client: Palerqs corner bolanica

  • Date: 21 - Sep - 2012

  • Skills: 2.2 and up

Card Readings Designed By The Anthony Mckinzy and Alpesh Patoliya.

Apps available so that you can get a mini card reading at any time that's convenient for you! Available in English,Spanish and Japanese. Available for iPhone,Android, iPod/tablets.
An all new way to get a snapshot reading ! When you don't have time to call to make an appointment,or don't need a full reading. A fun,informative way to get answers to your questions in the privacy of your own Smartphone or computer.Palero's Corner Botanical Int'l brings spiritualism to the 21st century with apps to get Tarot,playing card, cocoanut shell, and cowrie shell readings.The cocoanut shell and cowrie shell readings have never before been available in this kind of reading . It's simple,fun,and informativew to use.

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