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    The future of UX design

    User experience design is often thought of as a new or emerging concept in Web design and app design. However, it has been around long before it was ever given the name “user experience.” While the birth of the Internet didn’t focus at all on user experience or even design for that matter, as the Internet matured and as applications for different technologies emerged, we collectively learned how to make things better and defined how we should interact with websites and applications alike. As more designers and developers start designing websites and applications that focus more on the experience users have, more information on how to improve user experience have emerged and more designers are able to watch closely how their design decisions impact the users who will be using these sites and apps. We are starting to move more into the why’s and how’s of user experience as we figure out that user experience plays an even more important role in the way we design websites and applications for a variety of different types of users. We take extra time to analyze how users navigate through our sites, how they go through the purchasing of something on their computer or desktop, and how they use our applications for work or play. The future of user experience design will help move us more toward refining the body of knowledge that is user experience design as we start experimenting with different interactions and interfaces, watching and studying how users use our sites and apps, and improving on the skills of which we’ve been working on for many years.


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