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    Android Wear: New watch styles and sizes

    Choosing the best Android Wear smart watch is a tough job, with a grand total of 14 different devices now hitting officialdom, and 10 currently on sale. Google's smart watch OS is an exciting hot-bed of wearable innovation, with updates constantly arriving offering likes of GPS, offline music and Wi-Fi connectivity. Upcoming Android Wear smart watches Before splashing your cash on an Android Wear smart watch already on sale, it's worth noting that as many as four more devices will land before Santa comes crashing down the chimney - including a couple from traditional watch makers and not the usual tech brands.... Finally an Android Wear smartwatch to rival the Sony SmartWatch 3's GPS skills, the Moto 360 Sport was announced alongside it more fashion concious brethren at IFA 2015. The Moto 360 Sport boasts a single-structure silicon case and band, with a special UV coating to wick away sweat. The AnyLight LCD display is naturally adaptable, meaning it should be nicely backlit in dim lighting situations but be easily readable when out running in sunnier conditions. There's no price or launch details as of yet. In the meantime, check out our comprehensive Moto 360 Sport guide.

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